Who am I?

Viviana,07/12/70…Who am I Here, this is me. The only stopping point of my life is my date of birth, but I came flying over a stork!!! For the rest my life is a continuous evolution of my thought….. ….. I chase him frantically and try to stay behind, ideas crowd me in the mind and I would like to follow and develop them all because I'm an enthusiast and I fall in love quickly especially of all that is creative. Flying high with thought when I think of new projects and adrenaline I go to the stars, I wish I could do everything in life….. ……. and in fact I have followed courses in decoration, restoration, flower design, weaving, I worked on the wall design of houses, the creation of samples for newborn clothing, the preparation of shop windows in stores… and I Also A clothing store 0-16 years in Lucca and many projects that I would like to share with anyone who is not afraid to chase their own….. ….. thoughts!!!   Ps: I love the suspension dots… who knows what they will…

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