The first steps to make a shop window

Here I am again to tell you how I proceed when I make a showcase. The showcase for me is like the cover of a book because on it often creates the first impression of the audience. In fact with the showcase we should really be able to communicate the image and the personality of the store. But what are the first steps? The choice of products to be put in the window. The choice of the theme or the scenography of the showcase. When we proceed to the choice of products, we must keep in mind that a showcase may not be a mere commodity exposition, but must tell, to return to the similarity of the book, the products highlighting the qualities and characteristics and It must also set them up by trying, in doing so, to make them different from those of our competitors. Also must have a clear and immediate exposure, what I expose must make you understand what I sell without a shadow of a doubt. IMG_2487_1 The theme is what will make our showcase attractive and inspiring. How do you choose a theme? The inspiration for the theme I take it everywhere from a film, from an advertisement, from a trip, from an exhibition, from a book… let the fantasy run, this came to me going around the shops of Brocantage in France. Also the theme we can connect to the Seasons ES Spring, autumn.., holidays eg Christmas, Easter… or some event that takes place in our city es Marathon, historical Parade… In the exhibition I create, I try to tell a story through scenography, what is called scenographic staging, where is the attractive capacity of the window to establish the communicative relationship with the passerby. To develop the topic I often use physical elements, as seen from the picture above, but we can also use posters or wall papers using the product itself as a scenographic element. IMG_2485_1So, what are you waiting for to test yourself? Good showcase at all. Viviana

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