The shop window

… and finally after having talked about the open window and the buffered one, I just have to talk about the last structural type of showcase that is the half-buffer. The semi-buffered window is a partially closed window. This means that it has a backdrop that visually divides the window from the internal space of the store but on the other hand allows the observer, not being completely closed, a partial visibility of the interior of the shop. This type of showcase is perhaps the most used because it is a fair compromise between the two extremes, the buffered and the open. The store, in this way, has the possibility to communicate doubly with the customer both through the window and through the part of the store that remains visible. At this point the view is complete, you have the choice!!! A small engraved: to create a scenographic showcase not necessarily totake big investments just a little ' imagination. In this case I used cardboard and plates, glasses and straws colored plastic. To the next Viviana

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