The buffered showcase

There are three structural types of showcase: The open window, of which I have already spoken the buffered showcase the half-buffered showcase the buffered window, is a completely closed window that does not allow any communication between the store and the outside. The buffered window, not allowing communication with the outside, assumes a fundamental role for the shop as it will have to communicate in a comprehensive way the message of what is our point of sale and what our merchandise offer. This Gucci showcase is an example. IMG_1928_1This type of showcase, not allowing the observer to visually space even looking at the inside of the shop, must have an extremely careful exposure as all the attention will be focused on it. IMG_1035_1If we want to see a limit we could say that by going the attention of the visitor exclusively on the products exposed, with more difficulty, this type of showcase will push the clientele to enter to look at the entire assortment of the store. In the next post…la showcase. We look like Viviana

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