The open window

I decided to talk about this topic to make understand the strengths and weaknesses of this type of showcase so as to manage them to the fullest. There are three different types of showcase from a structural point of view: The Showcase opened the window buffered the window, half-buffered the open window, as the word itself says, is a showcase completely free of seabed, this allows you to have a vision Point of sale from the outside. This type of showcase has its point of weakness in the fact that the observer dedicates, generally, little attention to the exposed product; The reason for this is that there is no filter between outside and inside so the look sweeps in more directions. FullSizeRender (9) _ 1For this reason, in this showcase, I tried to make sure that the attention focused as much as possible on the manikin making it become almost a fifth for the showcase and giving it a strong impact. However, when we have this type of structure, its strength is evident in the fact that the shop itself becomes a showcase, increasing the possibility of communication between the outside and inside. For this reason, we will have to treat with great commitment the interior layout, especially the one near the window and visible from the outside. The open window can be preferred by small shops because letting you glimpse the interior space of the store creates the illusion of a wider surface. In the next post I'll talk about the other two types of shop windows. Soon Viviana

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