The Spring Showcase

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of spring are the flower bulbs that have been there, under the ground, good good to rest, waiting for the right moment to peep. And now that the first sun heats the days and our hearts they begin to stretching coming slowly out with their leaves and then giving their wonderful blooms. IMG_2488_1And it is starting from this image that declines the change from the winter to the spring, from this desire to tell a different story and the soft colors that my window of spring is born. IMG_2489_1The colors that, traditionally, are considered spring and used to set up the spring windows are all pastel colors such as pink, pea green, straw yellow… … and in fact my theme has exactly these colors of background even if diluted by a little strawberry red. However, this must be considered a generic trace so do not incaponitevi on it. The fashion, fortunately, proposes both for the autumn-winter and for the spring-summer of the beautiful colors and so why not venture towards unknown shores? This year we have very strong colors like strawberry ice, tangerine orange, yellow custard (named after the color of a cream used in pastry in the British tradition)… According to PANTONE's fashion color report. [Gallery type = "Square" ids = "53, 23,28"] In fact, in front of the pastel colors used for the scenography, in the mannequins I inserted both the yellow and a touch of strawberry, all in contrast with the black that further emphasizes these colors. So let yourself be carried away by the magic of colors and created, created, created. Soon Viviana

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