The spring Showcase… (Part Two)

…. but spring for me is also want to be outdoors to breathe that different scent that starts to spread in the air…. I like to fill my heart in the sun while I read outdoors on the Iron bench that I put in the balcony…. FullSizeRender (3) _ 1 … Listen to loud music and sing at a slit throat with my daughter (actually this we do even in winter..). And that's how the spark was taken for the second spring Showcase where a big radio stands in the center. FullSizeRender (1) _ 1Here we find other colours of the PANTONE spring/summer 2015 palette, the Glacier Gray, the blue Classic, the toasted Almond, the blue Scuba and the yellow Custard as the base. For simplicity I carry, below, several uses of these colors also to understand how, in fact, influence all the fields, from fashion, to confectionery, to furnishing… [Gallery columns = "5" type = "Square" ids = "30, 29, 24, 52,59"] But what is the PANTONE Institute? It is an American company and we can say among the most famous research centers for what concerns the color. It follows that it is a point of reference for stylists, graphic designers, colorists… previewing the trendy colors of the new season. The PANTONE palette for spring/summer 2015 so you can indulge as you think and always be… fashionable!!!   To the next Viviana

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