The scenographic showcase

I remember that when I was little amused me, much more, prepare and organize the setting of the game that the game itself, it goes without saying that the type of fitting that I prefer, for the windows, is precisely the scenographic set up. In This type of showcase wide space is given to the decoration and the scenography that we create is concentrated the attractive capacity of the shop window towards the passer-by. As a real scenographer we must select the objects that we intend to use and establish the correct space in which to insert them exactly as if it were a real theatrical scenography. The themes to which we can inspire can be the most diverse Christmas, Valentine's Day, events in your city… The idea of these showcases is the theme of the Expo which is the food. It is logical that this was the idea of starting that I also declined in relation to the merchandise that I wanted to put in the window. I chose non-perishable foods such as various types of legumes, dried tomatoes, flours and fresh foods that could last at least 15/20 days like lemons, bread, mini watermelons. I also used decorative but functional elements to expose foods like fruit crates and wicker baskets. [Gallery type = "Square" ids = "442,443,360"] Finally I bought a bike a few euros that I cleaned and painted yellow custard that, as I wrote in the post "the window of Spring", is one of the colors of this season and I used to background a wallpaper that for colors and shapes you could Harmonize well with everything else. To the next Viviana

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