The paper showcase

…… the other day I was watching with my daughter the movie Nothing Hills and at some point I came up with the idea of this showcase. What? During the Hugh Grant movie, at one point, he expresses to Julia Robert his opinion about the end that the newspapers do once the day of publication has passed, more or less saying, I go to memory, that "today's newspapers will serve to cover the sweeps of Tomorrow". So I told myself… Why not use them in a different way? And the idea of the paper window was born. The showcase that I propose to you is a scenographic showcase that needs to be realized with a lot of goodwill but in compensation of little money!!! The material you will need are only newspaper sheets, hammer, nails, stapler, scissors…. Image Then you have to create cones with newspaper sheets, stop them with the stapler, and then secure them with the stapler at the base. Image Having decided to put in the window one of the new brands present inside the shop, for the season FW15/16, I created a single-brand showcase and I inserted a poster, of the chosen brand, in the center of it, as seen in the picture above. Working in this way we give the possibility to the customers to come immediately to know the novelties present in our store. What about… good work!!!  

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