The colors of autumn

  I love autumn as much as spring, the one with its melancholic air and the other with its cheerfulness, the one with that explosion of colored leaves that seem to change clothes to whole hills and the other with the explosion of flowers that dress with joy our Lives… and so right these days that we hailed the autumn to welcome the winter, I decided to give him my personal "arrivederci…al next year" with this showcase. I took a cue from everything that connotes a bit this period: leaves, acorns, chestnuts, pomegranates and why not even… a broom of sage!!! [Gallery columns = "4" ids = "607,605,604,603"] You can coat the bottom with a brown cardboard that is well matched with these colors and finally use also some elements that can enrich your window. I for example I used over the broom of Sage also an old copper element where I lay the chestnuts. Blumernovembre-5187   At this point the window is ready!!! Next;))

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