Trick or treat???

… and the long-awaited Hallowen finally arrived!!! I have to say that since my daughter was born more and more I approached this party that first felt a bit ' strange and that instead now I find a lot of fun. This year for the first time I decided to dedicate a window, but I did not wish to drag the usual cobwebs, scheletrì and… So I decided to create a showcase that would bring with it the idea of the party, but that winked the eye to autumn. As a key element of the party I inserted naturally the pumpkins of various shapes and sizes, but I have not carved but I left them whole so that they could be also an element in autumn. Image   The background I created by inserting brown cardboard on which was then tapped straw. These colors, along with the colors of the pumpkins, recall very much the palette of autumn colors that we find in nature. Image   Finally a decorative element of antique iron has been inserted, as a container for the smaller pumpkins, which gives an additional sense of autumn warmth. Image   The mannequins have been placed in the center of the window, in what is defined the primary focal point for the observer who will be looking at the window in a frontal way. In fact it has been studied that the gaze of the observer, which is in front of the window, will move from the primary focal point, in the lower right corner, then move to the lower left, and then to the top right and to end up on the left. So following this diagram I inserted the mannequins in the center (focal point) and then move to the bottom right where I inserted the iron element with the pumpkins, purely decorative but that helps the observer to enter more and more in this idea of celebrating Hallowen but with a look at the autumn. At the bottom left I inserted the shoes, a completion of the outfit presented, and instead in the upper right and left I left empty just to focus further attention on the dummies. Image   Finally to celebrate Hallowen with my customers, but also with anyone who enters the store, I created some small gifts by inserting chocolates in the shape of pumpkin inside of transparent bags and I stopped everything with a fiocchettino of raffia. A very simple idea but that will make your customers happy that they feel pampered. Image … I recommend the chocolate must be of excellent quality 8)) to the next Viviana

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