The other day I was at the hairdresser and I heard about painting, that is a technique of colouring according to which they give strokes of color on the hair, freehand, mixing two/three shades of color…… so as I came home, this word " Painting "was made wide between my thoughts and I started to design the window, where brushes and color would be protagonists. I bought some brushes of various sizes and I soiled them with different color paints. I chose colors that were good between them and with what I would put in the window, finally I tied to every single brush a raw wire type string and so I let the brushes fall down from the ceiling along the window.   Finally at the base I put a paper from parts that depicts the painted wooden boards and I soiled with the paints chosen and then I laid on top of the brushes.   It was really fun…… try it yourself!!! To the next Viviana

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