The rose in the newborn, tradition or trend?

The world of the newborn I particularly like and intrigues me, so I decided to keep some collections inside the store. Since always, when a baby is born, the pink color has the best on other colors, especially this year which is one of the fashion colors inside the Pantone palette. We can range from a nude rosé, very clear and delicate, to fuchsia to use sparingly.  

  Powder, quartz, pink salmone…il is synonymous with tenderness and sweetness in the world of the newborn. The nuance that I have chosen for this spring collection is not the pink one, but it is the pink of which are tinged, sometimes, the clouds at dawn…..  

It is very nice pairing with gray and especially with boyfriend pants that I find very entertaining in the newborn.

To you mothers or expectant moms I leave you with these wonderful words:

Where did I come from? Where did you find me?

Asked the child to his mother.

And she wept and laughed at the same time, and snug to her bosom answered:

You were hidden in my heart my child,

You were his wish… (R. Tagore)

     See you soon


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