NEWBORN … To whom???

  … but where is it written that the newborn needs to dress up only with onesies??? It is true they are very practical and comfortable. However there are some that while maintaining the ease of use, especially for the diaper change that is always the most dreaded, are camouflaged;-)) Or we find other, which while retaining the classic shape, are the most likeable as made of materials that give it look a bit more trendy.     But since summer is coming and we can kick off legs and arms bare, why not abandon onesies rompers for a nice short shorts and a nice t-shirt?     Then, if you really want to overdo it because you've got taste, you can tuck in to wear to your little Prince pants and t-shirts cut with sharp and close the outfit with a cute vests ate from "moths" 8)) have fun with your little one! Viviana

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